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Katrine Korsun Founder

From the day the concept of KORSUN was conceived, Katrine Korsun has focused on creating an international brand that emphasizes high-quality design from a confidently personalized, yet global point of view. These values have become part of the brand's DNA. The KORSUN collection combines kaleidoscopic colour with European elegance and casual luxury. A seductive cut, first-class fabrics and bold details meet the demands of every woman. The modernist approach of the brand's designers successfully blends classic and contemporary experimental features to propel fashion forward.


KORSUN is a brand that experiments and provokes at the same time. Bright colours, minimalist prints, intricate embroideries and shape-retaining fabrics have become integral elements of the collections. KORSUN follows the philosophy of deconstructivism, preferring complex cuts and unusual colour combinations. High-quality materials allow KORSUN designers to evoke an avant-garde style. Lines and shapes seamlessly blend classic luxury with modern style.