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Spanish brand KORSUN
presents its new

Brand KORSUN continues with the theme of lightness, femininity, and ease, in its collection FW 17/18. Silk skirts and tunics, shaped cotton shirts, concise model costumes, the abundance of embroidery and decoration in pieces – all this creates a new, blank image of our female character.

This time, while creating the collection, a source of inspiration for founder of the brand, Katrine Korsun, was a symbol – a bird. Thanks to the ability to climb, and keen eyesight, birds are often symbols of divinity. The bird is a symbol of freedom, victory and the personification of the soul everywhere.

“In my opinion, it is a powerful source of inspiration which helped us to use a variety of decorative elements such as embroidery, printing and graphics", - says Katrine. "The choice of colors in the new season fell intuitively on the blue color, which symbolizes eternity, permanence and spirituality; red - a symbol of beauty and love; black - the embodiment of infinity, silence, feminine power; and, of course, white is the air, the sun, purity, enlightenment, purity, innocence.”

The hallmark of the collection is using the high-tech fabrics and manufacture, which allowed to introduce a new and unique method of manufacture – “craque”, giving the possibility to modify print in production. Experiments with neoprene embodied in the creation of hoodies, dresses, costumes offering a face layer which is covered with wool, depriving you of the chance to feel cold.